Visit Ferragudo In Algarve Portugal

Ferragudo Algarve

Ferragudo Algarve
Visitors from around the globe are attracted to Ferragudo Algarve in Portugal for a love of golf, cultural attractions and the many water sports that can be practiced in the beautiful shoreline of Algarve in Southern Portugal.

Whether you love the soft warm sand, the feel of ocean spray in your face or the excitement of water sports, you will find a great vacation awaits you in this pristine Portuguese Paradise. Following are some of the most popular activities for this coastal destination.


Swimming has been a favorite pastime through the ages in Algarve and the world. It has also been found to be the best physical activity for those suffering from arthritis and those enjoying the vigor and verve of youth. For young and old there is no more memorable activity than bathing on the beaches of Ferragudo Algarve.

Jet Skiing

Don’t worry if you have never set foot on a jet ski before, you will find many helpful instructors who will have you jet skiing like a pro by the time you return home with memories of gliding effortlessly over crystal blue water.

Canoeing & Kayaking

You will find plenty of terrific canoe or kayaking adventures to explore the lagoons and grottoes of south Portugal. There are guided day trips and the chance to head out with your friends and family to find secluded wonders that will feed the soul.

Kite Surfing

Using the extra propulsion of the wind, kite surfers can virtually fly through the air. This is one of the most popular and exciting adventures in water sports and only takes a few practice runs at one of the instructional day camps to gain a measure of competency. If you have a taste for thrills don’t miss this exciting water sport.

Spear Fishing

Pulling fish from the ocean has been an art for thousands of years in the area. On your visit, ask some of the locals to take you to the reefs where spear fishing can be practiced with the aid of modern fishing spears and harpoons. This can be done while free diving, recreational diving or with the help of scuba gear.


No paradise for water sports would be complete without the graceful sails of windsurfers gliding through the maritime vistas. Ferragudo Algarve has all the perfect conditions for both windsurfing on flat water as well as flying through the air off steep waves and water ramps once you leave the port area.

Ferragudo Algarve Hotels

Before setting off to enjoy your jaunt through Ferragudo Algarve, you will want to take advantage of a convenient booking system which can facilitate your stay. You will find convenient shuttles from Faro Airport to hotels in Algarve so you don’t miss a second of your holidays. You will find that rates are higher or lower depending on the time of year and this is a great way to plan a low cost holiday that allows you to get the most return for your investment.

One of the quietest and most popular towns of the region is Ferragudo. This town also has the highest population of visitors who return each year to revel in the warm sun and accommodating culture in the Summer. There is a relaxed nightlife and this is the ideal playground for young and old. There is also plenty of accommodations in Ferragudo that can fit every budget. Furthermore, all the fun and adventure of southern Portugal is easily accessible using local transportation. There are caves to explore, dolphins to watch and horses to ride, all within ½ hour from your hotel.

Cheap Flights To Faro Airport

You will save a good chunk of your holiday funds for thrills and excitement by finding the most economical flights to Faro airport. There are plenty of websites that can help you out in this regard. Don’t forget to book your flights and Faro airport shuttles at the same time to avoid an unnecessary hold up at the airport. Booking your hotel will mean no surprises once you arrive at the city too.

Your holiday to the beautiful town of Ferragudo Algarve in South Portugal will be an unforgettable experience that will renew your soul and feed your imagination.

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