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Alvor in Algarve, Portugal, is a fishing village in Southern Portugal that has developed into one of the major holiday destinations. It offers a combination of old fishing village charm with the luxury of modern amenities. Situated on the banks of Alvor river, Alvor separates the lagoon of the river from the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Alvor has some of the most exquisite beaches in western Algarve and is known all over the world for its magnificent pristine beaches, as are all the beaches in the Algarve. The glistening clear azure waters of the ocean with the high rock formations cast a shadow on the golden sand and provide shade from the hot sunny summers. Furthermore, the cliffs that encompass the water on the coastline are some of the most breathtaking and picturesque scenes on earth!


The large rock formations that are known as “Praia dos Tres Irmaos” which means “Beach of the Three Brothers,” are some of the characteristics and charms of Alvor. Praia dos Tres Irmaos is a spectacular beach located on Alvor’s main beach and was given this name because of the distinct three tall rock formations that tower over the sandy beach beneath. The beach also has caves, natural dunes, walking trails in the dunes, as well as the cliffs. The ocean waters are not cold all year round, becoming much warmer in the hot summer months, even though there is a flow of water from the Atlantic Ocean rather than from the warm Mediterranean Sea. The weather in Algor Algarve is pleasant all year round. Even during the summer season, from June through August, cool sea breezes blow from the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the evenings.


The beautiful year-round climate draws in many golfers who fly in from all over Europe and the globe to practice out their swing on the world renown golf courses. The Algarve is well-known for its diverse and numerous golf courses, and Alvor has many, situated on the western side of the Algarve. Most of the golf courses are within walking distance from the beaches and hotels making it much more accessible for people staying in the hotels.


Located on the coastline of Alvor Algarve are some of the best hotels in Algarve positioned on and beyond the beaches offering some of the most spectacular views of the ocean, the yachts, catamarans, and majestic rock formations, Praia dos Tres Irmaos. The hotels and resorts are available with plenty of accommodation options to suit any taste and budget. The hotels in Algarve, specifically in Alvor, are also a short distance from Faro airport, and you’ll find cheap flights to Faro airport from any city in Europe especially during the low season.


Since Alvor is a fishing village, there is an abundance of restaurants and markets that serve fresh fish daily, as well as chicken and other scrumptious foods. And as you walk down the cobblestone pathways you can’t resist the aroma of fish and chicken grilling nearby. So while you enjoy the delicious authentic tastes of this region, you capture the views of the stunning beaches and ocean that leaves a lingering memory of this alluring encounter in your mind.

There are also an array of restaurants in Alvor that offer various cuisines from Portuguese, Chinese, and Italian, to Spanish, English, and Indian. And whatever savory flavor you’re in the mood for, eating out is very affordable. Whether you choose to dine right by the beach or in the harbor area, you’ll see the boats going by or the sun setting behind the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean, which is some of the most dazzling and enchanting views you’ll ever see!


Some of the most exciting aspects of visiting Alvor Algarve are the plethora of leisure activities and water sports that are offered on the coastline. Water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, stand-up paddling, and much more are provided. Aside from all the water activities, there are a few theme parks to entertain any age. There are also “festas” and festivals that this southern region of Portugal is proud to celebrate. And for the shopping lovers, there are plenty of small boutiques with handmade and hand-painted ceramics, embroidery and linens, crafts and basket ware, and other souvenirs to take home. For anyone wanting to do some serious shopping, the glitzy malls available are just a short drive away and are sure to please.

Alvor Algarve is one of the most fabulous destinations for families and friends. The beaches, the food, the activities, and water sports are offered for any taste or budget, and accommodations are economically friendly as well. Although Alvor is attainable on any budget, you still get the best accommodations and amenities, and some of the most exciting adventures and experiences in the world! Click on the following link if you need to book airport  shuttles in Algarve. See you in Portugal!

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