Surfing In Algarve Portugal

Surfing In Algarve Portugal

Surfing In Algarve Portugal
From Marinha Beach to Armação de Pêra, Algarve Portugal has plenty of beautiful coastlines that are just waiting to be explored by anyone looking for an escape from the norm. Surfing in Algarve Portugal is the best way to experience Algarve’s beaches, not only does it have manageable medium size waves but these waves come in consistently through all seasons. Surfing in Algarve Portugal the perfect destination for all surfing experience levels.

How should you get there?

The flights to Faro airport from London run around £200 which is pretty fair considering that there are many regional airlines that have options for nonstop routes. Nonstop from London England, flights to Faro airport are about 3 hours in transit time compared to the normal 6 hours that a connecting flight takes. So save yourself time and take a nonstop route.

So you arrive and have no way to get to your hotel. Well, you are in luck, shuttles from Faro are convenient to get you around since navigating can always be a headache when traveling in a foreign country.

Where should you stay?

The hotels in Algarve give the best deals that anyone on holiday can get. Depending on the season, you can stay at a 5-star hotel for only £87! Hotels in Algarve are well known for their friendly hospitality. Hotel staff is always going the extra mile to accommodate any of your needs to make sure your stay is the quality that is advertised.

Do I have to bring my own surfboard?

Nope. There are plenty of rental surfboard spots in Algarve that even hold surfing classes if you are just picking up the sport for the first time or need to brush up on your skills.

When to go surfing?

Although the surfing season is year round, you might want to surf between May and late October since the water temperature is the best for comfort. Coming to surf during this time will also save you extra money from having to rent a wet suit.

Waves in Algarve are about average height normally, which makes surfing here great for the beginner to intermediate level. However, You will want to stay away from Arrifana Point if you are a beginner. Arrifana Point is a point break, meaning that the seabed has a rocky bottom which is dangerous even at higher experience levels.

What is the surfing culture like?

The local surfing culture in Algarve is pretty chill for the most part. Local surfers are nice but can get aggravated if you do not respect the lineup order. Just make sure you respect the lineup and give others plenty of space so they do not get the impression that you are trying to cut them off. The crowds can be pretty annoying especially when on holiday, but at Praia de Alvor and Praia do Tonel beach there is hardly anyone to get in your way. No crowds also means less chance of conflict with locals.

It would also help if you learn a couple words and phrases to show that you are nice.

Here are some to get you started:

Yes – “Sim”

No – “Não”

Hello – “Olá”

Thank You -“Obrigado”(male) or ”Obrigada”(female)

After Surfing

When you are tired from a day of surfing, Algarve Portugal offers some good coastal cuisine and night attractions. In all, the Algarve is a great surf spot for those looking to relax, so if you are looking for an escape, the Algarve should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

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