Memorable Holidays In Algarve, Portugal

Memorable Holidays In Algarve, Portugal

Memorable Holidays In Algarve, Portugal

At the southernmost tip of Portugal, the Algarve region is renown for its beaches and fine tourism industry which draws roughly 10 million visitors annually.

In particular, the Algarve is an increasingly popular destination during holiday season not only for residents of nearby European countries but also around the globe.

For those who are wondering how difficult transportation is to reach the region, it is much easier these days to find routes there. The Algarve has become a 12-month tourist destination due to its year-round Mediterranean climate. Temperatures usually hover between the 20Cs and the 30Cs though it can get very rainy in the winter months and quite dry from June to August. While Faro is the administrative center for the Algarve region, all the cities aren’t too big, allowing many tourists a chance to step away from the large urban scene for a time.

The region also is relatively cheap in terms of taking a holiday and its tourism industry includes its fine cuisine and many cruise ships. It also has great scenery from the beaches to the area’s mountain range.

Memorable holidays in Algarve

When it comes to sights to see and things to do in the region, the Algarve has plenty of options available to tourists.

Whether it is a sightseeing trip to Old Town Faro or taking in all the beautiful scenery along the lush beaches of southern Portugal, there are a variety of activities available for tourists. Any of them can make for memorable holidays in Algarve.

Some of the more popular ones include taking a coastal cruise with the Insonia Caves being a major point of interest, a jeep safari in Guadiana National Park, a small-group kayak excursion, or paddleboarding along the coastline. As for top locations, Zoomarine Park, the Quarteira Market, the historical town of Lagos, or a trip across the Spanish border to Seville are all possibilities.

Hotels in Algarve

Because of that, hotels in Algarve cover the entire financial gamut and range from the high-class to local guesthouses. However, many are moving away from the resorts and are choosing smaller accommodations.

Flights to the Region

One of the popular reasons as to why the region has become a prime tourist hot spot is due to finances. There isn’t a lack of cheap flights to Faro Airport these days. In fact, cheaper flights to Faro have gradually increased in recent years as more of the large low-cost airlines have added routes to and from Faro.

Some of the top airlines such as Ryanair, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Iberia have regular flights to Faro. Other low-cost carriers such as easyAir also have flights to and from Faro Airport.

Airport Transfers To Faro

Because of the increase in tourist activity within the region in recent years and the growth in arrivals to Faro Airport, it is easier than ever to get to your hotel or guesthouse. Among the options are taxis, buses, and trains.

However, a private transfer is usually the cheapest and most effective route to go. While taxis are available 24 hours a day, they tend to be expensive. There is only one bus route which currently services Faro Airport and there is only one train route going to and from the airport as well.

So when it comes to airport transfers to Faro and touring the Algarve region, visit This site provides a wealth of information as they even have transfer information, reviews, and even transfers to theme parks, hotels, and nearby golf courses. Thank you for reading the Algarve Shuttles Blog.