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Local Algarve Events

Local Algarve Events

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    There is plenty of things to do and see when you are vacationing in the Algarve region of Portugal. There are miles upon miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. The weather here is mild and warm year round. It is no wonder then that tourists and vacationers flock here and take flights to Faro airport to get to the Algarve from all over Europe.

    Shuttles from Faro also make it easy to get to whatever you destination in the Algarve may be. However, did you know that there is much more to this Southern Portuguese region than staying in luxury hotels in Algarve and relaxing at the beaches? This region of Portugal is famous for having year round festivals, celebrations and other local events that tourists and visitors will love. Check out some of these local Algarve events that you are sure to love!

    Local Algarve Events To Check Out

    The Loule Carnival is perhaps the best known and one of the most popular local events in Algarve among locals and tourists alike. It is three day long carnival in late February and early March that features plenty of entertainment such as music, dancing and parades. Expect to see colorful and unique floats and costumes during the parades and all throughout the festival. Parties and street fairs will also occur during the Loule Carnival. There are events for both children and adults and there will be plenty of food and drinks to sample.

    The FIESA International Sand Sculpture Festival is another local event that draws tourists, locals and artisans from all over the world to the town of Pera. It takes place between the months of May and October. During this event hundreds of artisans create what is called Sand City. People and buildings are sculpted entirely out of sand. You can watch artisans create sculptures out of sand, participate in workshops and take part in amusements.

    The Med Festival in Loule is a five day music festival that features music from the Mediterranean region. Expect to hear Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Spanish and of course Portuguese music. It begins at the end of June and can last into early July. In addition to hearing musicians perform and sing, you can watch dancers, outdoor plays and sample food and drinks from around the Mediterranean. Don’t miss out this event and others by booking flights to Faro Airport today. Shuttles from Faro are available to bring you to your hotels in Algarve so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Those looking for a more serene environment can explore the Algarve during nature week. This occurs in May. Things to do during nature week include donkey riding, bird watching, hikes, nature walks and boat excursions.

    The Traditional Sausage and Ham Fair in Monchique should be at the top of the list for anybody who loves ham and sausage. This fair is famous for having a large selection of hams, sausages, drinks and produce to choose from. It occurs in the beginning of March. You can also try black pig dishes here.

    A sporting event to check out while in the Algarve is the Portugal Masters in Valamoura in September. The golf course here is the longest 18 hole course in Portugal. You might also be able to spot some famous pro golfers here during the tournament.

    Visit The Algarve Today And Experience The Area Like Never Before

    These are just some of the local Algarve events that you can check out during your stay there. Flights to Faro Airport are more accessible than ever before now. Shuttles from Faro to your hotel are also available so there is no reason why you should not be able to experience all of the festivals, fairs and sporting events that the Algarve has to offer.

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