Fishing In Algarve Portugal

Fishing In Algarve Portugal

Fishing In Algarve Portugal
People are drawn to the Algarve for many reasons, and its attractions make it one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. One reason is that Portugal has gone to great lengths to maintain the health of its aquatic ecosystems. Its efforts have resulted in waterways and a coastline that offer a vast array of wildlife. The variety and multitude of aquatic life makes the Algarve a fisherman’s paradise. The Algarve is a good base for a fishing holiday or for the family looking for a break from the usual tourist traps.

While the Algarve is known for its hundreds of miles of shoreline, the rivers that flow out of the southern mountains also provide numerous opportunities for sport enthusiast. You can get flights to Faro airport and take an Algarve airport shuttle service into town and you’ll be fishing that same day. So whether you are a deep-sea fanatic or just like to cast out a line from the shore, the Algarve has something to peak your interest. You’ll find many small hotels in Algarve who cater to fishermen on holidays.

Algarve Deep-Sea Game Fishing

If you are looking to catch large game fish, then Portugal is the place to go as it is considered one of the best in big-game fishing sports in the world. The warm waters of the Mediterranean crash up against the Atlantic current creating the best conditions to go after trophy fish like Marlins, Swordfish, Tuna and numerous type of sharks.

There are many places where you can charter a boat and head out for fishing in Algarve Portugal. For example, if you want to try your hand, Vilamoura is known worldwide as a top deep-sea fishing destination, especially for its sharks. Deep-sea fishing is limited to the southern coastline of the Algarve with the whole east coast being a protected nature preserve.

Algarve Beach Fishing

Walking down to the shoreline to cast a line has been a local custom for many generations in Algarve. With the waters off the coast home to hundreds of species, fishermen could catch anything from Marlin to Mullet from shore. The tidal rivers are home to several types of Sturgeon. Fishing is limited to areas away from the beaches and you will see many fishing from the high cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. Even when the fish aren’t biting, the spectacular scenery can make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Freshwater Fishing

The lakes and rivers of Algarve offer a multitude of opportunities for fishing throughout the region. Two of the favorite game fish of the region are Carp and Barbel, though Black bass and Catfish are also available. Many of the best fishing lakes and dams can be found in the center of the region. One of the most popular fishing rivers is the Arade and the dam on the river just north of the village of Silves is noted for having large carp.

So check out our flights to Faro airport today for that once in a lifetime fishing in Algarve Portugal experience, and book our Algarve airport shuttles services that will have you at your destination in no time. Please be advised that a license is necessary to fish anywhere in Portugal. Children under 14 do not need a license if they are with a parent that has a license. A sport fishing license is needed for sea fishing, with a separate license necessary to fish in rivers and lakes. Licenses are available nationally, regionally and locally. Fishing licenses may be purchased through a bank auto teller, “Multibanco” (ATM), the Regional Association of Sports Fishing or through municipal authorities.

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