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Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttles
When travelling, you want things to go smoothly, and with a minimum of fuss. Using airport shuttles to get from the airport to your lodgings is the most sensible way to arrange things. Whether it’s private taxi, shared shuttle, or a group shuttle, having your airport taxi service arranged ahead of time will assure you a trouble free journey.

There are a few different styles of private airport shuttles.

Shuttles are the simplest and most inexpensive means of private transport for singles and couples, though there are limits to the amount of luggage. Shuttles are seldom booked ahead of time, so immediate availability during busy times is not always assured.

Private car shuttles allow for a bit more luxury, and more room for luggage, including the golf clubs. The driver will usually meet you right outside the gate security area, and will be available as soon as you disembark or come through customs.

A limousine will chauffeur you in style and accommodate whatever luggage you have. Chauffeurs will meet you outside gate security, and will be there for you as soon as you need.

Private airport shuttles offer the most flexibility, with your ride there when you disembark from your airplane, ready to whisk you to your destination of choice. There is seldom a wait, and your driver will ensure that you have as little walk as possible to your vehicle, and will load all your luggage for you into the vehicle. Customers who wish to feel pampered should hire a private airport taxi service.

If you have a larger party, then you have other options. Hiring a van or bus for your transport will allow a group to travel safely together. Hiring a private van or bus for a group will allow your entire group to travel when and where they wish. There are a variety of van and bus sizes, from minivans for small family groups, right up to buses that can accommodate large groups.

Shared transport services often offer transport to the larger hotel destinations at a much more reasonable cost than private taxi. With shared transport you are paying for a seat and room for your luggage and sharing the ride with other passengers.

Shared transport, while less expensive, is also less flexible. In most cases each passenger is limited to one piece of luggage. There are scheduled departure and arrival times. You are usually required to check in at the shared transport booth. There is often a wait prior to departure since all passengers must be present before the shared transport departs. It is best to book these spots ahead of time to ensure you as little wait as possible, but you should still expect some wait time and tuck a book or magazine into your suitcase.

Arranging your airport shuttles from and to the airport when you book your trip is a smart thing to do.