The Algarve International Circuit

Algarve International Circuit

Algarve International Circuit
The Algarve is a region whose natural beauty, picturesque castles, a propensity for good food and vibrant nightlife place it at the top of the list of every holidaymaker who is interested in visiting the Portugal. While Portugal is a great place for wine aficionados or history buffs to spend their time off from work, it also offers many other worthwhile attractions. One that is definitely worth seeing during any trip to Algarve is the Algarve International Circuit.

What Is The Algarve International Circuit?

The Algarve International Circuit is essentially a racing circuit or a race track that hosts multiple racing competitions across a variety of motor sports, including motorbike racing and races that involve cars. It was constructed in 2008 and is located in a Portugese city called Portimao. It is part of a larger complex that hosts others activities, professional and leisurely, that are connected to the motor sports industry.

One of the very first races that was hosted at the circuit was the Superbike World Championship which took place in November of 2008. The complex has also hosted drivers and fans that participated in or attended the A1 Grand Prix race soon after the construction of the circuit was complete. According to reports the racing circuit was a milestone for Portugal which had not hosted an F1 race since 1996 at its famous Estoril racing circuit. The circuit has put Portugal on the map for tourists who are interested in motor sports and for industry professionals in the motor sports world who may be interested in holding competitions at the circuit.

Hotels In Algarve

The Algarve region of Portugal has long been a popular tourist destination for people from across Europe and the world. The region’s affordability, balmy weather, world class restaurants and interesting history make it a must-see destination for avid travelers. As a result many wonderful hotels and resorts have sprung up across the region to accommodate the needs of travelers. Some of the more popular hotels in Algarve include the Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa, Suites Alba Resort and Spa, Hilton Vilamoura,  Cascatas Golf Resort and Spa, the Sao Rafael Atlantico, the Real Marina Hotel and Pine Cliffs.

Many of these hotels offer a beautiful architecture that Portugal is known for and scenic views of Portugal’s landscape. The Pine Cliffs Residence offers a luxury experience to its guests with pristine grounds, Spanish-inspired architecture and beautiful blue pools that guests can enjoy on a hot day. The Vila Vita Parc Resort is like a little slice of paradise. The resort features groves of beautiful palm trees, access to a beach where chairs and umbrellas have been set up for guests that want to relax while watching the sun set, and amazing meals at its on site restaurant. These are just some of the amazing hotels that travelers can look into when planning a holiday to the region.

Flights to Faro Airport

The airport that travelers use to fly into Algarve is Faro Airport. When planning any trip it is best to pay attention to which day you book your flight as fares can sometimes rise depending on the day of the week that the flight is scheduled and the time of year that the trip is being planned for. Airlines that many travelers use when booking their flights to Faro Airport include: TAP Portugal, Ryanair, Monarch, and easyJet.

Algarve Shuttle Transfers

Using a shuttle service can make it easier to arrive from the airport to your intended destination without any hiccups. Algarve shuttle transfers can make the process of traveling as smooth as possible and save travelers the hassle of waiting in line to get transportation at the airport.

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